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Web design

At Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we create designs & landing pages that help you tell your brand stories, enhance conversion & build greater trust. Our dedicated web designing team ensures that they design anything your consumers desire to see. Each team member infuses authenticity, simplicity, and boldness into new but established brands. From academic institutions to tech, finance to healthcare, eCommerce to any Startup, clients love working with us because we think strategically, design passionately, and listen attentively so that your consumers see & hear about your brand.

Web Development

Being one of India's bespoke web-development companies, Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a hub of web development services for global clients. What is behind your website is equally important as you see on the front page. You can't see it, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. You know it's indeed there. That intricate thousand of lines of codes accountable for generating a dynamic user interface carrying information right into the palm of your stakeholders' hand. At Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the world's most talented & dedicated developers handle the real magic while continuously working with the creative team. Both the teamwork exceptionally to ensure that each interaction & workflow gets implemented as finalised earlier. Our development capabilities include front end, backend skills, JavaScript, CMS development, Drupal, and eCommerce integration. You can get custom build web apps, iOS & Android apps.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is nothing but a catch-all phrase to describe any SMS communication sent out to a more significant number of people than is generally intended. Bulk SMS campaigns are mostly sent via web-based SMS platforms rather than via email to SMS gateway or conventional SMS service. It is a cost-effective way to send bulk SMS and is used widely across various industries, including real estate, hospitality, and advertising. Bulk SMS allows companies to send alerts, messages, and other promotional material via bulk SMS services without changing the existing marketing software.

Companies can use bulk SMS solutions to track customer responses and measure the success of their marketing campaigns. To send bulk SMS with any SMS platform, you will first need to sign up as a bulk SMS service provider. Sending bulk SMS is not tricky, and your company would experience a surge in productivity if bulk SMS solutions are appropriately integrated into your marketing campaign. Remember that by sending large volumes of text messages, you will be in direct contact with your contacts and customers more often, helping you build good customer relations.

To send bulk SMS campaigns successfully, your company needs to use bulk SMS software with the following advanced features: SMS sending history, SMS delivery time, tracking of outgoing messages and many others. Various bulk SMS service providers provide different SMS platform functionality such as bulk SMS gateways, bulk SMS software, bulk SMS application development, bulk SMS gateway, bulk SMS system integration, etc. To get the best solution, it is recommended to evaluate each of these functionalities and choose a bulk SMS software that fulfils all your business requirements.

Why Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for Bulk SMS?

Support: Our support representatives are always there with you 24*7

Reliable: We ensure your messages through the most reliable routes available.

Regulations: Easy access to industry best practices & local laws.

Ease of Access: Access everything with one single account.

Improve ease & viewing experience with a Responsive Web Design

You always impress your visitors when you've got a dedicated, responsive design from Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.. High-quality graphics, user-friendly mobile-first approach so that your visitors are engaged with your competitors moreover. Oriol Infotech Solutions's designers & developers can transform your website into an efficient sales tool for your business.

Any Device Means Any Device: Smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets, Netbook, Notebook, Desktop or any high end monitors you can name it. We make your website versatile for any device available in the market. Even your smartwatches will be able to perform the expected display information of your website.

Latest Technology: Being one of the experienced companies, we only employ the cutting-edge & latest practices to produce functional responsive websites. You already know that you're getting the best.

Fast, Smart & Neat Design: The responsiveness of your website goes simultaneously with the modern design. We ensure that there aren't any lousy graphics & buttons that increase the load time & hamper the user experience. Our method loads faster & your visitors enjoy it much.

Optimized Images: The images we offer in our design automatically reformat & resize to fit into the screen. Whether you view a particular website on a mobile browser or giant OLED screen, all images look clear like crystal with high-resolution.

Content Management System

A CMS or Content Management System allows you to manage, control or update the entire content without any programming language. You can add, delete or edit images, text, headings, and an unlimited number of pages.

No Programming or HTML Experience! No Problem! CMS is the Solution!

With less than 20 minutes of online training, you're ready for the content of your website. No programming language experience is required. All you need is a web browser and an active internet connection. You can even rely on your mobile devices too.

Why & When I Need a Content Management System?

Keeping the content fresh in real-time isn't an easy task. Even large organizations find it challenging to do. Even a slight delay forces your consumers to see the information that was outdated already. Maybe search engines like Google or Bing can demote you in the search listing. It's the primary reason companies have started heading towards CMS.

A CMS will reduce your efforts to reach the IT or Web Development team for any changes and reduce the time to publish. It gives you more time to do other stuff.

We'd Love to Be a Part of Your Next Project.

We've got a dedicated remote screen technology that helps us communicate with you no matter which part of the world you reside in. We discuss and show you everything on the monitor. As if we're right there in front of you.

Email Newsletter

In addition to allowing advertisers to deliver their customers' email newsletters, email marketing and applications can cover all facets of automation, segmentation, and contact relationship management and reporting. These tools exist to improve our lives, so it is crucial to find simple to use and have the requisite features. Some will choose to use a fully-featured email marketing program; some may want to ensure that it is simple to use with a user-friendly email newsletter.

Why Do I Invest in Email Newsletter?

Email Newsletters are indeed an old concept, but it's useful to have over 44% return on investment.

Lifespan: Consider Orkut, Myspace, or Google+. Social Media platforms can vanish overnight, but your consumers stick to the same email address all the time.

Data-Insights: Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform are aggressive advertisement platforms. Maybe they have billions of users, but they may not share all the information you require. But Email Newsletter lets you control everything.

Flexibility: It requires just a few clicks to switch providers. All you need is a new campaign and a list of the emails.

Ease of Use: Gone are the days when creating an Email Newsletter was a complicated process. But today, it'll take just a second or two, from creating your first newsletter to sending your potential users.

Email newsletter remains a reliable and efficient workplace. And it's increasingly simple to use for total beginners.

Website Maintenance

Maintenances of websites, regardless of size, are essential to any company. Your website represents a global insight into your organization and can profoundly affect how you view the appeal of your product or service. For real-time services sectors, a well-maintained website is essential. To acquire clients and retain them, all organizations have to maintain routine website upkeep, maintain the rating of search engines, and present new content, goods, and services. In addition to preserving the value of the website over time, you need website maintenance.

Why Do You Need Website Maintenance Service?

Benefit of Consumer: A well-kept website draws new users and retains current customers' interest levels. Your website's consumer attention and usefulness can be preserved by regularly updating the content and guarantees decent working efficiency for customer contact points. Check the communication formulas periodically are operating, the address and the telephone number lists are updated.

Search Engines Friendly Website: Maintenance of the website is essential for the ranking of search engines. In the search engine listing, websites with outdated contents have lower orders. Search engines, such as Google, will review the "if modified" HTTP header of your website to see if it's worth it. If you don't make regular improvements, you will drive active rivals below the listings and cost you time.

Business Reputation: The public profile of your business reflects on your website. A website with numerous bugs, broken dead links, and old content is poorly managed, presents a sloppy market picture, and can contribute to company loss over time. Examine and redesign your website's look and sound regularly following your company image. Check and correct broken ties, lousy grammar, and orthography errors as soon as possible before the consumer makes them public.

Digital Marketing

Obtain Greater Rank & Stay Ahead in the Competition.

Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides experience in promoting the company and taking advantage of its full ability to achieve a strong online presence. The best choice to boost traffic, convert consumers and optimize your investment return for your company is our exceptional digital marketing program. With the support of a top digital marketing firm in India, it is time to create an online presence. Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a popular, profitable and long-standing, digital marketing firm. We help the company grow rapidly and globally, and our customer support is always the first. Our efficient digital marketing services provide quick results, ensuring a fast return on investment for our customers. In a particular and practical timeline, our specialist staff offers excellent quality services.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Invest Your Hard-Earned Money with An Agency That Gets Results.

We bet you know what you need, but you don't know how to achieve it. You're here, maybe because of the following reasons:

  • Your consumers are unable to find you online easily.
  • You've recently noticed that your website traffic has decreased.
  • The volume of calls and leads has started declining.
  • You're a Startup and want to get on the track quickly.

If any of the above points ring a bell, be assured as you've landed to the right SEO firm.

Offering SEO Solutions to Solve Your Problems

For more than two years, we've been working with our clients who want to expand their online existence, increase leads and enhance their revenue.

Why Oriol Infotech Solutions's SEO Services Are Better

  • Experience Matters: Oriol Infotech Solutions has helped corporations in all sectors to increase their online footprint to produce more sales for more than two years. We've got the expertise and customer success to help any big organization that needs to improve internet traffic and extend its leadership. For more than ten years, many of our SEO professionals have been pioneers in the industry. We work closely with our team. We'll hop in if somebody's got a problem.
  • Dedicated SEO Professionals: Our job is to make search engine optimization as easy as possible for our customers to be technically challenging and often daunting. One of the many ways we do this is by the availability of a single contact point with each customer for handling the project. You get to know your specialist Succeed SEO well, and they can appreciate your company and your particular needs.
  • Relationships & Results: We live according to our two fundamental values: partnerships and performance. It's our foundation for every consumer. We've SEO specialists specializing in helping small and large corporations of all sizes expand exponentially. We trust in our customers' voices, and every single day we work hard to prove them—our search engine optimization business.
  • Transparent Reporting: Although our competitors use smoke and mirrors, we stay transparent so that you can see exactly how we can boost online sales. Our detailed report includes 24-hour access to an online client portal, Google's analytics updates, an exhaustive summary of the SEO performance on the website, regular updating rankings of keywords and a monthly overview of our SEO activities.

Social Media Marketing

Will your company have the trust that social media networks require? Develop knowledge on the Internet and build meaningful connections via social media marketing with your customers and followers (SMM).

Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. delivers marketing for social media to small and multi-location businesses and companies. Either a start-up or a Fortune 500 Business, the initiative can be sponsored by our social media marketing experts. Partner with us and increase the recognition and credibility of your company!

Benefits of Social Media Marketing with Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing services in social media provide various benefits to existing companies and brands. Social media content marketing will lead to improved search results, better SEO, better customer engagement and increased branch satisfaction with the correct social media Marketing Strategy and campaign surveillance system.

Currently on the fence about engaging in marketing services in social media? Having said this, the significant advantages of social media ads are:

  • Better Online Exposure
  • High Search Rankings
  • Specific Audience Targeting
  • Complete Brand Control
  • Improved Customer Reach
  • Enhanced Customer Trust
  • Multiple Marketing Options
  • Increased Profitability

Pay Per Click Advertising

Gain Excessive Brand Exposure and Bring More Leads

Digital marketing tides are evolving, and many businesses are finding fast, inexpensive ways to bring their products in front of consumers in high conversion. Enhance the popularity of your search engine and achieve instant results with the management services of Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd..

With Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. You Make the right choices with PPC ads for your brand.

Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted payroll pioneer in internet commercialization per click. Our pay per click publicity partners with various industry players and marketing experts to boost their leadership, build brand recognition and accomplish their goals.

Over the years, our pay-per-click marketing business has developed an insight into PPC, how it functions with multiple clients and what it means to ensure success online. If you are still uncertain if pay per click is the best model for your company's ads, our PPC company is here to help.

Start to know what PPC is and find out how ads will help the organization hit new standards in multiple ways. Start your campaign with the assistance of internet marketing experts from Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. today.

SEO Copywriting

We're excelled in writing a homepage, producing viral posts, planning news releases, developing marketing plans, goal delivery. You get content designed to serve the purpose of browsing, turn users into buyers, sell more items, and learn more knowledge. Targeted, evergreen advertising has a long-term Return of Investment higher than virtually any commercial solution. Create a voice and craft copy representing your style to attract new visitors to your website and return them.

What You Get from Our SEO Copywriters

Our services for SEO copywriting increase the traffic on your website. By designing intelligent, responsive marketing solutions, we make your brand a pioneer in industry thinking.

We offer innovative content creation services to organizations who want to expand, from articles to taglines to eBooks to press releases. We can identify your content plan and optimize the potential of your website. Become an asset, become an accomplishment. It continues with great happiness.

The tried and tested content conversion funnel is used to create content. You build more possibility for keywords that you never noticed but are also beneficial by posting more content on your website.

Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. lets the web expand as content expands and hits its point of departure. Regardless of the type of content that attracts your audience, we will recognize and produce everything you need to make a massive impact.

Graphic Design

Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a talented, fast-paced graphic designing company. We create stunning, reactive blogs, striking animations, eye-capturing flyers, posters that burst and thrilling animated emailed messages, and dynamic lightweight digital advertisement campaigns. Our customers love us for new, timely, and budgetary activities. We still produce if it's the drawing of an initial image, the creation of a new brand, or the internet. We offer Art working, Animation, Print Artwork Design, Concept Design & Large Format Design.


Development of Today's Most Important Brands

The brand was never critical.

When technology has made an unrivalled effect on people's lives for businesses, the brand reflects on humanity-the North Star, which guarantees accountability for impact.

Our Pledge for Cooperation. We know it's a worthwhile expenditure of time and investment that create an influential brand. To be a growth road for both participants and to place the disciplinary departments' fingerprints throughout the job, we build our collaboration process.

Our five strategic vertical structures provide a complete and comprehensive approach to developing and managing a brand of the 21st Century.

  • Brand Blueprint
  • Purpose & Values
  • Ready to Go Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Operation Designs
  • Outsourcing Management

We aren't for everyone, but please get in touch if anything catches your curiosity.

Brochure Design

Welcome to Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we've invested in creating your business as a brochure design company. We're a business brochure production expert. Our very talented graphic design team will be happy to collaborate on your dream. They still face a challenge and like to put a booklet to life. We enjoy the development of customer suggestions brochures. It's our job to blend your thoughts with our experience and to produce an information booklet.

Why choose Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to Design Your Corporate Brochure

Every year, hundreds of brochure design firms spring up with thousands of businesses globally in graphic design. These businesses hire thousands of graphic designers, but few can reconcile consumers' expectations and market changes. Would you like to know that our brochure design is different?

  • You'll keep ahead of the rivals with our innovative corporate brochure templates.
  • We concentrate on the sleek and contemporary style of our corporate brochures.
  • Our Graphic Design team consists of highly experienced specialists in the field of manual brochure design.
  • For more details, don't hesitate to email us as we fulfill our promises here.
  • Our expertise has helped to deliver premium designs according to the customer's needs.
  • Our price options are affordable to meet the needs of our consumers.

Logo Design


Our designing team at Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. realizes your vision from the beginning. The ideal business logo can be developed through one-on-one assistance and direct cooperation with the design team, via continuous feedback and refinement during the design process. You will be prepared for the next marketing drive with the correct logo design for your company, knowing you have a brand image designed for online and print marketing use.

We are the artistic force for the next phase of the logo design. At Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we know the power of a great logo, and in Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we provide widely respected logo design services. A ground-up methodology is required to create a professional business logo free of traditional pitfalls. The use of free logo design software or a free online logo manufacturer can also lead to long-term issues, particularly in conjunction with the potential growth of the Site and online brandings of your company.


With the business logo spending just 22 seconds on every website on average, this must be one of the influential elements in travelers' minds, which will boost their trust and brand credibility as it is shared on the internet through blog entries, social media, and news releases, as well as through local listings such as YELP and Yellow Page. Some of the most common errors in a logo design, which you undoubtedly noticed, are overcomplicated and text-conscious corporate logos. Another essential factor of your branding is understanding how your logo is used and displayed in your ads.

Well-known brand logos share these attributes and, with your company logo, you will soon be among them with the help of a team of experienced logo designers like ours.

Newsletter Design

Newsletter Design is an integral part of Internet marketing strategy. Email newsletter design is all of the visual and textual elements of your email message. Starting with a strong subject line, all the way through to a lovely space, ending with an aesthetically pleasing font, all these things matter when discussing practical and beautiful newsletter design. As well, an email marketing company should focus on its graphics. A professionally designed picture can grab people's attention and turn a "yes" into a "no." So why wouldn't you hire an expert newsletter design company to create newsletters for your business?

A newsletter's strength comes from having good content and a great graphic design. But how can you get potential subscribers to your newsletter? Every newsletter has a built-in "footer," which contains a place for subscription forms. The footer also includes the company name, logo and other details that would help readers interested in what you're offering. You can have an attractive, eye-catching footer, but it needs to attract subscribers as well, or readers won't stick around to read your content.

An essential element of a good newsletter design, which many web designers overlook, is the text's body. The size, colour, font, formatting, as well as layout, are significant. The design is typically consistent throughout the newsletter, but certain parts, like the footer or the end of the email newsletter, may vary slightly. It's essential to make sure your newsletter design looks professional, or you run the risk of alienating your potential subscribers. Many potential email clients ignore newsletters because they feel they lack appeal - if your newsletter design is attractive, appealing and easy to read, you'll have a much higher chance of attracting readers, which in turn will produce more sign-ups.

You will Love Your Newsletter Design with Oriol Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Ready to Speak to Our Newsletter Design Experts? Feel free to Ping!