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Current Job Openings

  • Mern Stack Developer

    • 0 - 2 Years
    • Indore, Gwalior

    React JS,Next JS, Node JS, Redux, MySQL, AJAX, JSON, Web API

  • Web Designer

    • 0 - 3 Years
    • Indore, Gwalior

    HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular/React JS/Next JS, Photoshop, CorelDraw or Illustrator

  • Mobile App Developer

    • 0 - 2 Years
    • Indore, Gwalior

    React Native, Flutter, jQuery Mobile, Mobile application Developement

We shaped our importance through our contribution to diversity, equality and inclusion.

We believe that membership and culture are promoted if we make a joke of equity, fairness and accessibility. We do our best if everybody is active and leads to a more positive and diverse workplace.

As an Oriol Team Member, you follow the path below:

Be Honest: No Idea is a bad idea. Don't afraid or be shy to express your opinions. A strong team gets created on unique perspectives.

Behold the unknown: This pandemic has shows that the future is uncertain, but your advanced efforts can make you ready for it.

Take Risk: Until you know what's wrong, you won't be able to understand what's right.

Prefer Ideas Over Ego: You always give others a chance to speak & save energy for the fact of the matter.

Casual Attitude: If you take something casually, everyone will do so.

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Learning Unlimited: We engage in new and evolving technologies to educate our workers. Chances to learn new approaches, upgrade your expertise, and contact experts at Oriol Infotech Solutions who share their insights are abundant.

Party Each Month: Relaxation and recharge are as important as outcomes and efficiency. At least once a month, we arrange parties in a non-work atmosphere that encourage our employees to meet and get to know each other better.

Recognition & Rewards (R&R): Knowledge and encouragement are abundant for incentives. We deliver a supportive workplace community that embraces workers in themselves and produces something new that reaches beyond their limits.

Work/Life Balance: You can do a job that makes you feel worthwhile or a job that makes you exhausted—working not that your life wants to be more critical, but because of it. Just like your job, love your life.

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